Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

"You need chaos in your soul" -  Friedrich Nietzsche


Winter is almost over. We are midway through March and I think it's important to talk about snow sports at least once before it gets so hot that it's weird. My favorite place to ski is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I kind of don't want anyone else to go there because I don't want them to ruin it. Like you have Aspen and Cloud 9 to be trash. If you want to get sprayed with champagne and wear logo print LV - that is the place for you. Jackson is amazing because it is understated and western but also elegant and has the perfect blend of high/low. 


I usually drive to Jackson Hole, because as I've already established, I'm a psycho who likes road trips. You can also fly to Jackson Hole. Or you can fly to Salt Lake City and rent a car there and do a much smaller road trip. But I like stopping in Southern Utah and Vegas and Salt Lake City. It takes 14 hours to drive from LA to Jackson, which I suggest you break up over two days. Drive to Salt Lake City in one day (8-10 hours). Do a couple activities in Utah. I love Bryce Canyon National Park


I also liked this Hindu temple just South of Salt Lake City (apparently there are some beautiful Mormon temples, but Mormons scare me).


Spend the night at the Kimpton in Salt Lake City. Then drive to Jackson Hole in the morning (4 hours).  


The main reason to go to Jackson in the winter is to ski. And anyone who has ever had the misfortune of downhill skiing with me knows that I am terrible, which is why I like skiing alone, because I can go as slow and be as shit as I like with no judgement. I kill cross country skiing and I snowboard decently. So why would I bother trying to downhill ski if I suck? Because the downhill ski outfits are so much chicer. Last winter I went shopping and I decided that I needed to figure out how to ski. I should also mention that Jackson Hole is one of the most difficult mountains to ski in North America. My point is, if I can do it, you can too. There are two ski resorts in Jackson Hole -- the one that matters is Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


Aside from skiing there are a few things I love in Jackson. The elk refuge is amazing. Over the holidays you can take a sleigh ride through it. 


The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is one of the best parts of Jackson Hole. It is so tacky and so kitsch, but everyone hangs out there at night from the VC guys who are in from the Bay Area to the guy who runs the ski lift. 


My favorite late night activity is sitting in a sauna and running outside and making snow angels. You can easily arrange this for yourself by renting a cabin that has a sauna. I stayed here last time I was in Jackson.


If you want a more chic and proper spa experience go to the Aman


In terms of food, Jackson Hole is not going to be some amazing culinary experience. It's Wyoming. Eat a steak at the Million Dollar Cowboy. Have a burger at the ski lodge. Go on yelp and see which restaurant has the best reviews and a table available. 

If you have questions/comments  DM me on instagram @oceanandsunset. 


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