"Cop a Prada space suit up out the stars"  - Kanye West

I constantly look at instagram/movies/magazines for inspiration on where I should go next. I want something special and new and a little off the beaten path. New Years in Vegas, Spring Break in Cabo, Christmas in Aspen - don't do it for me. Which is how I ended up in Marfa, Texas.


I love road trips. I love renting some ridiculous car I would never drive in my normal life (in this case a Dodge Challenger).


I love stopping in random towns and going into stores to buy things I forgot to pack (like socks) and seeing the people there and imagining their lives. Are they happy? What do they do in their free time? Do they have children? Are they having sex with someone? Are they poor? What do they eat? What is happening at night in Bowie Arizona? Sometimes my fantasies about their lives are hills have eyes/kids locked in a basement kind of dark, and other times they are happy and I am jealous of the simple happiness I imagine them having. I wonder what my life would have been like if I grew up in whatever tiny town I'm in and got married and stayed there? or what if I moved there today and started having an affair with the best looking person in the town (who of course would be married to someone else because this what all people over the age of 21 in small towns do, right?) -- Would everyone in the town hate me? Would someone shoot me? And then I buy my socks and I get back in the car and I leave. 


On the road from Los Angeles to Marfa I recommend spending the night in Tuscon and stopping in Bowie in the morning. And Valentine in Texas in the afternoon. 


I was in Marfa over New Years. It was cold. There was freezing rain (which is sort of like hail). I had an amazing dinner at Cochineal. I went to a party at El Cosmico, but it was not that fun - I ended up going to sleep at 11:30pm. I have heard Marfa is best in the summer -you can bike around and everyone is out and everything is open. 


On the way back drive North to the White Sands in New Mexico and then West to Scottsdale. Stay the night in Scottsdale. Travel along the Salton Sea back to LA. Stop and see Salvation Mountain. 

Salton Sea

Salton Sea