Spring in Copenhagen

Spring in Copenhagen

I was in Copenhagen for a wedding in May. I had just finished a week in Antibes. I took an early morning flight out of Paris, after having not slept. I was exhausted. My flight landed in the late morning and I met up with one of my friends for lunch. We went to Told & Snaps and had Smørrebrød. To be honest, it was good, but I wasn't hungry and was sort of force feeding myself as to not look like a crazy person who doesn't eat. You should go there though (even if you don't want to eat either) because it is traditional Danish food, the space is chic, and it is next to the canal (Nyhavm). 


Afterwards, I dropped my stuff at the apartment I rented, which happened to be next door to Told & Snaps. And we walked outside and got on a boat headed to Paper Island to meet our friends. I understand that Paper Island has since closed, which is sad because it was this weird industrial island with a huge warehouse full of food stands and bars and DJs. And it was kind of dope af (if you are a hipster and like that sort of thing). For me it was fun for a couple hours, but I don't think I could hang out there on an ongoing basis. 


After Paper Island I was dead and had to go take a nap. I met up with everyone again later in the evening in the Meatpacking district, at a bar called Jolene. 


Jolene was fun. The music was good. The Meatpacking district in general was cool. Sort of like what I imagine the one in New York used to be like only Danish and much smaller. 

IMG_1059 (1).JPG

The following day, in the afternoon, was the wedding. I woke up early in the morning and went for a walk around Copenhagen. It's a pretty small city. I took a few architecture classes in college and I love Danish design. And I am kind of obsessed with Nicolai Eigtved who was the architect for the entire district of Frederiksstad in Copenhagen. It's tacky, but I love original rococo architecture. The picture above is in front  Frederik's Church, which is part of Frederiksstad. 


The wedding was insanely chic. It was at St Alban's Church, everyone then took a boat to the Danish National Museum for the reception which went until 4am. Most Danish weddings go all night and serve breakfast. 


Afterwards a few of us went to Culture Box. Which stays open until 8am on Friday and Saturday nights. If you haven't done a late night European club, I'm not talking about something like Silencio in Paris, I mean something industrial with no dress code, you should go here. It's fun. 


Around 6am I was dead. I couldn't dance or hear anymore. I walked home and watched the sunrise. 


I slept until noon and then went to the Design Museum. It was one of my favorite parts of Copenhagen. 


I walked around the botanical gardens and explored more of the city afterwards. Then I met a friend who I hadn't seen since high school who now lives in Copenhagen for dinner in Christiania. Christiania is the anarchist district of Copenhagen. Think of sort of a permanent burning man where people live that is also inside a city.  


Following dinner we walked back over to Nyhavm and got ice cream at Vaffelbageren, which I strongly recommend you do. 


The next morning I woke up and went running so I could quickly see everything I hadn't seen in the previous three days. Then I flew back to LA.