What I want in life is to live in a Slim Aarons photograph. Summer. Some time between the 1950s and the mid 80s. No cellphones. When wealthy people spent months on vacation napping, sunbathing, and having lunch. The best way I can describe it - you know when you bite into a ripe piece of fruit? That exact moment it is perfect, a day earlier or a day later and it wouldn't be good. I want to live in that single moment of perfection. 


I think I have mentioned before that I like to decide where to go next based on looking through photographs. And shockingly (or maybe not) my absolute favorite source of inspiration is Slim Aarons. I was in Paris visiting a friend and I convinced her to spend a few days going on a road trip to the South of France, to Hotel du Cap

IMG_0637 (1).JPG

A lot of things went wrong on the drive to Antibes. We left Paris much later in the day than we had intended. I didn't realize how low the speed limit is in France or how long it would actually take to drive 9 hours. We had a list of 10 villages we wanted to stop in and we made it to two of them. The first Apremont-sur-Allier, we had intended to have dinner there, but when we arrived at midnight nothing was open.


I also have never gotten so many speeding tickets in my life. We took a nap in the SUV we rented in a park in Lyon around 2am. This was after we came to the realization that if we spent the night in a hotel and got back on the road around 8am we were going to lose an entire day in the South of France -- and we could always sleep by the pool later. 


I didn't find it to be comfortable enough to sleep in the SUV in the park in Lyon.  So I kept driving down the Autoroute du Soleil. Around sunrise I got very tired and parked at a gas station. I crawled into the far back and wrapped myself in a fur coat (it was May and still cold in France). When I woke up we were driving again and we had McDonalds. I rolled over a row of seats and ate an egg mcmuffin and spilled coffee all over myself. We stopped again in Mirmande and had more coffee and wandered through the twisting alleyways. I would have liked to spend more time there. It was beautiful and empty in the early morning. 


We left Miramande and drove the last couple hours to Antibes. And we arrived at Hotel du Cap in time for lunch. It was perfect. 


I should note, that while I love Hotel du Cap, the food is horrible. Which doesn't really bother me -- the last thing I want to do while sunbathing topless in the south of France is eat -- but it is actually bad. With this view who though who cares:

IMG_0639 (1).JPG

I spent a couple days laying out and eating awful food and walking around Antibes. I didn't take that many photos because I wanted to enjoy just being there and allow time to slow.